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Does anyone else think El Camino (the breaking bad movie) looks terrible?

Best Answer: Presumably Walter White is dead (and almost certainly Cranston is busy making another movie right now), so it's no surprise he's not in this movie. However, I guess the franchise is holding open the possibility that he didn't die, and that he could pop up in a future sequel. But then, I always held out...:
4 answers · Movies · 4 days ago

Jose Mourinho eyes return to Premier League ?

Looks like hes waiting patiently for Tottenham Hotspur to relieve Mauricio Pochettino of his duties as manager so he can take over. Would Mourinho be able to win the league with Spurs if he became manager folks ?
10 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 5 days ago

Is jewelry & sewing craftmaking?

I’m opening an online shop selling handmade jewelry, crochet/knitted items, and personalized items... I’m not sure if My business would fall under the “crafting” category.... 
9 answers · Small Business · 3 days ago

If it came down to a Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden election??? Who gets your support?

The Donald. I agree with his stance on abortion!! Pro Life!!
16 answers · Politics · 3 hours ago