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Did you see that Jason Momoa was furious over the Game of Thrones finale?

"I feel lost. I'm lost. What the f**k?" Note: This question contains spoilers for Game of Thrones' series finale, 'The Iron Throne'. I was totally let down by the Game of Thrones series finale. Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drogo in the first season (before becoming a major Hollywood...
4 answers · Drama · 5 hours ago

One of the greats in F1, Niki Lauda, RIP?

Best Answer: Very sad news to wake up to this morning although clearly he wasn't well as he'd been missing from the Pits lately. He could be rather out-spoken, but most of what he had to say, was relevant and perhaps needed. And another one departs. This is very scary.:
6 answers · Formula One · 2 days ago

Should I give a lump sum payment toward my student debt?

I owed a total of $83,000 and change for my bachelors and master's degree. Over the last year and a half of large payments, my balance is now $37,000 and change. I have about 12,500 in my savings and am debating, should I give 8-10K of my savings to drop the balance lower? I will need a car and am worried that...
18 answers · Personal Finance · 2 days ago

Do you agree with illegals and politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when they say that the west belongs to everyone?

In France, recently, 500 self-identified illegal aliens occupied a Paris terminal to keep people from traveling freely and demanded to made citizens of France. Do you agree with these people and politicians like Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez who has suggested in the past that illegals occupy airports in the United...
17 answers · Politics · 2 days ago