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Meet our Team and Contacts
Commercial Performance Bonds
Clearing Up Some Confusion: Bond Numbers
For Lower-Limit Bonds
   Pennsylvania Bond Newsletter - June 2012
Meet Our Team and Contacts

Meet our Team and contacts, covering Pennsylvania and Delaware

Commercial Performance Bonds

Another division of Commercial Surety includes Contractors who provide services, manufacture/supply goods, or perform installation of equipment or software may need bonds guaranteeing their performance.

Contractors such as:

  • Highway Maintenance Companies
  • Signing & Awning
  • Outsourcing/Technology Solutions
  • Parking Facility Management
  • Transportation Services
  • Trash Haulers
  • Landscapers
  • Manufacturers
  • Security Guard Firms, and
  • Janitorial Firms

These are a small sampling of the types of business that may now need Bid/Performance/Payment bonds where they have not been required to have them in the past.

Our underwriting requirements include a completed Hartford Questionnaire, the last three years of CPA prepared fiscal year-end financial statements, current personal statement of the owner(s), resumes of key personnel and copy of the contract or RFP for the job in question. Contact Christina Scantland or Keith Flannery for further information.

Clearing Up Some Confusion

Bond Numbers: Please be aware that we have two different types of bond numbers that are used in the Regional Office. For all Contract (construction) Surety, the numbers begin "39BCS..." Commercial Surety, including the Commercial Performance and Payment bonds, have numbers that begin "39BSB...". Fidelity bond numbers include BDD. If in doubt, please contact either Dana Donahue or Robin Kanaskie.

Issuing Company: Contract Surety has a number of different rates and issuing companies. Refer to the individual account file or your Contract Underwriter for the correct company. In Commercial Surety, we only have two companies. Hartford Fire Insurance Company is used in all states except Texas. Hartford Casualty Insurance Company is used when the Obligee is in Texas.

REMEMBER will allow you to access forms and applications, marketing tips and other helpful information without the need for an ID or password.

For Lower-Limit Bonds

For Commercial Surety and Fidelity with limits under $500,000 (and ERISA bonds up to $3 million), you can contact the Bond Center at 888-656-0817. Shelby Wiggins and Frantz Gebara are your dedicated Underwriter and Asst. Underwriter, respectively. They also work on the North Team which means if they are not available, another underwriter is there to assist you. They can also issue bonds or assist in training you on Hartford's online bond issuing system. Shelby and Frantz can also be reached at [email protected].

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