ࡱ> \^[ /bjbjcTcT fa>>z  EEEEEYYY8Yd---777+------ "d-E7"77-EE--B7E-E-+7+-@haYX0 # # #EL7777777--Gp7777777 #777777777 : PERFORMANCE BOND BOND NO. ___________________ DIA Tenant Project No._______________ KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that we, the undersigned __________________ ______________________________________________________ , a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Colorado, hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor" and __________________________________________________________, a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Colorado, and authorized to transact business in the State of Colorado, hereinafter referred to as "Surety", are held and firmly bound unto _________________________________________________ hereinafter referred to as the "Tenant", in the penal sum of _____________________________ _________________ Dollars ( $ _____________________) lawful money of the United States of America, for the payment of which sum the Contractor and Surety bind themselves and their heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, jointly and severally by these presents. WHEREAS, the above Contractor has entered into a written contract dated ____________ with the Tenant for furnishing all labor, materials, tools, superintendence, and other facilities and accessories for the construction and improvements of certain facilities located at Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, in accordance with the Technical Specifications, Contract Drawings and all other Contract Documents therefor which are incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof, and are herein referred to as the Contract. NOW, THEREFORE, the condition of this performance bond is such that if the Contractor; 1. Promptly and faithfully observes, abides by and performs each and every covenant, condition and part of said Contract, including but not limited to, its warranty provisions, in the time and manner prescribed in the Contract, and 2. Pays the Tenant all losses, damages ( liquidated or actual, including but not limited to, damages caused by delays in the performance of the Contract), expenses, costs and attorneys fees, that the Tenant sustains resulting from any breach or default by the Contractor under the Contract, then this bond is void; otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect. IN ADDITION, if said Contractor fails to duly pay for any labor, materials, team hire, sustenance, provisions, provender, or any other supplies used or consumed by said Contractor or its subcontractors in its performance of the work contracted to be done or fails to pay any person who supplies rental machinery, tools or equipment, all amounts due as a result of the use of such machinery, tools or equipment in the prosecution of the work, the Surety shall pay the same in an amount not exceeding the amount of this obligation, together with interest at the rate of eight percent per annum. PERFORMANCE BOND BOND NO. ___________________ DIA Tenant Project No : _________________ PROVIDED FURTHER, that the said Surety, for value received, hereby stipulates and agrees that any and all changes in the Contract or compliance or noncompliance with the formalities in the Contract for making such changes shall not affect the Surety's obligations under this bond and the Surety hereby waives notice of any such changes. Further, Contractor and Surety acknowledge that the penal sum of this bond shall increase in accordance with approved changes to the Contract Documents without obtaining the Surety's consent up to a maximum of twenty ( 20 ) percent of the penal sum. Any additional increases in the penal sum shall require the Surety's consent. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, said Contractor and said Surety have executed these presents as of this __________ day of __________, 2000. ____________________________________ ATTEST: CONTRACTOR ___________________ By :________________________________ Secretary Title:_______________________________ ____________________________________ SURETY By :________________________________ Attorney-in-Fact ( Accompany this bond with Attorney-in-fact's authority from the Surety to execute bond, certified to include the day of the bond. )    SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT   AUTHOR  Page  PAGE 2 of  NUMPAGES 2  FILENAME Contractor Performance Bond 2008-12-15.doc  AUTHOR  Revised: 12-15-08 ./VWYw &2BCDL`ab*<z{}~ˬ}www h~@CJjh~@Uh~@jh~@CJUh5a@CJOJQJh5a5@CJOJQJhx 5@CJOJQJ"hx >*@B*CJOJQJphhx >*B*CJOJQJphhx CJOJQJhx 5CJOJQJhx @CJOJQJhx ,/0WXY opab2CDab $ 0*$a$ $*$a$gd5a$*$a$$*$a$!b)*1ABopq $ 0*$a$ $ 0*$a$z|}+,-./##gda'"$a$gda'd $ 0*$a$ )˺˺˺˧˺˺˧˺o\˺˺%hU4CJ OJQJ^JaJmHnHu#jhU4CJ OJQJU^JaJ hU4hU4CJ OJQJ^JaJ)jhU4hU4CJ OJQJU^JaJ%h5aCJ OJQJ^JaJmHnHu hOha'CJ OJQJ^JaJ)jhOha'CJ OJQJU^JaJhx jha'UhmHnHuha'jha'U!)*+,-./hx @CJOJQJh~@hx ha' hOha'CJ OJQJ^JaJ hOha'CJOJQJ^JaJ@....()()))()()00P8$:pa'BP/ =!"#$%* Dpn:/*s,=iWPNG  IHDRh IsRGBgAMA a cHRMz&u0`:pQ<PLTEٟ pHYs\F\FCA9bIDATxOHv;dch@( A"ğžE`G,F!!!%K@{Bd؁ش gA;nN7:R]u_:U.WJZT HT@dR%+*YTJJV* UR HT@dR%+*YTJJV* UR HT@dR%+*YTJJV* UR HT@dR%+*YTJJV* UR HT@dR%+*YT ƼcW, & k+pdY6>鵵jd5A.fג @LzVy%ĘkY$@1:QG4 3f!*i@zHBS,FHڪVy I2I@kZ5$ H/iCJ hccJ /uylI7n1%udeke, @FP0]ke( @zbVEd \MYDEdb ǚ< l2$qE ^j1uwÉ "Hj2Eӥ&!+* L65 Ho/TU4@h2,QEdZG )N5>hX !5K}T`.?h(!K[L-Z(:yPQqNcT@& :yPQNNcR@-JuR sݘ^zZ1) LNcSb@VظܾUNYQsSb@fsR4@-vcJ ȤRo=Ā RL˽dym:mVd/ܧ qVZy y>N_֗yX_' 7DTV~B:j_?K'~[85oѢ7wH!w>D]7P I|:JyM[x߽+ϟ7Ǜwͭk{o9["߆0=r/LuX}@cp(2i~E'u.jX}+e?z[oNwxj{ٯ [|4!VޚIn ΙѰ?R@ {̢'\7 ֗ds5i]j2'* 7E2 7U,.9_HbQ@x"oNRtB] P \!}"Fѱz#6oť1 ܍ȅeB+ FvS8 ܉[Hb)j`qBz5s1'ȅ%; b?dJ2V.C* ێ2n-xPn<Peu@N@r"u GC٫o_զ"V^aym7M =( ǣkJW@5WV/w3 - m!tGLҟbN[ZDY%td9BK|t Wx @Z K9& <=L6+~~D1@: h gj,/!XM2Tq 1xFrs͋rvi@igAҦiR 7N{^dUVn|,*pz6ͼ5; I@R+JnY@v BOK+*ZN]p1 6&d/}zH]ˮD~ݪH"y ,g9@.Dߎi4@vbPanw ȅj} 84_:?ĤE[T@3HvWrrѭ4@<?&Oٻ =n@lL>ԸE\nt :޴Z_ˏtD+L2ƀP>0!a]i~8/7{^5D@`0{4@P1X'@@MHNz<% ̍- :SVA:Rv?'Ӈ!p<4J@#yc47phYWy_3@54S(j 3pp@yZ B@:R-*  X pϡ`+&{۴nh KL XXސDB-Rڑ0.ƼP#cXkW?!8 )y@|B2 “ [53¤K{] FL8 f.ZyB{7n'MxT   c"ĒRF9 `0i=2s' j*عgK$ ;ij9ERVa:TGnƥUA>r!%C-+O Pw1 y2od'ѻc1 Mfh%y4L(M~~9` > s);8ee QFԃ Ɔڭbj0BĀa%|,Q`]51|Y4+3L1y@ t_(O{`r@dRN###677dM2p!\+VxV"oȀͻ_ l}`mYY"ᒁA76Ӏjȉ8Ǐ  %Q@=frL#Bu>.Z. 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